OpenNet A/S is a wholesale solution providing access to several fiber optic networks in Denmark through our wholesale platform. We aim to connect Service Providers and Infrastructure Owners together through one unified interface.


OpenNet has signed agreements with several major actors in the market such as TDC, SE, Nord Energi, Altibox and Eniig.

We invite all relevant parties to join us in our goal to open the fiber optic network in Denmark.

OpenNet on a mission

We want to establish a broad collaboration with Service Providers and Infrastructure Owners throughout Denmark with the aim of opening the Danish fiber optic network on commercial terms. This will benefit all parties not at least the end customers.

Infrastructure Owners will benefit from a collaboration with OpenNet, as it will be possible to increase the penetration on the already established fiber optic infrastructure and thereby create increased income e.g. to expend their network also to more remote areas.


Service Providers will benefit, as they will be able to offer their products on more networks and thereby to more end users.


End users will benefit, as they will get more products to choose between and still maintain the high quality broadband. Potentially more end users will be able to get access to the fiber optic network as well.

Do you want to know more?

If you are a representative of a Service Provider or an Infrastructure Owner and is interested in knowing more about how we do business and ways of collaboration, you are very welcome to contact:


Mads Meldgaard Jensen

Commercial Manager
OpenNet A/S
Phone +45 4266 3383


Henrik Møller Nielsen

OpenNet A/S
Phone +45 9115 1515


Advantages for

Service Providers

  • Access to customers on premium technology and infrastructure

  • Possibility to influence e.g. product composition, which can be offered to the customers

  • Access to the fiber network being offered through OpenNet


Advantages for
Infrastructure Owners

  • Possibility to increase the penetration on already established infrastructure and thereby increase ROI

  • The platform allows connection to many Service Provider through only one generic platform

  • Possibility to gain access and attract customers, who previously deselected fiber-based solutions